Pointless Ramble #1

Some of you will note that my other blog entries have also been pointless rambling, but this is the first official one. Nothing of any note has happened with my writing, but I want to blather on for a bit anyway. When I’m in this kind of mood, bullet points work best as I found out on my Xanga blog a few months ago. Suddenly everyone was doing that, and saying things like “RYC.”
This bothered me because no-one told me what it meant and I had to work it out for myself, yet everyone else knew about it. Paranoia isn’t attractive and don’t let anyone tell you it is.

* Work. Bleh. Why is the most irritating person in the room also the one with the loudest voice?
* Hoorah and huzzah, #2 son actually had gravy with his tea without making an enormous fuss.
* Bugger all on the telly again tonight so it’s on with series 3 of Drop The Dead Donkey. Why don’t they show them again instead of all those ghastly repeats of Friends?
* Child is now climbing into the cupboard muttering: I like to eat foooood. He’s a bit odd.
* Bought fresh rolls and a bottle of white. Is it very wrong to drink in the middle of the week?
* Looking forward to Thursday writing day, but it bothers me that they’re coming around faster than they ever used to.
* Had my appraisal at work yesterday; I’m officially God.
* So where’s my pay rise?
* Channel 4 get all the best comedy shows; Father Ted, Black Books, Drop The Dead Donkey, and, of course, Green Wing. I love Channel 4 comedy. Except Friends.
* I need to dye my hair again, it’s going gingery instead of that nice, interesting deep red I strive for. I always kid myself I’ll try something new, but always end up with the same old colour -basically because I’m a big scaredy cat.
* Who said “cat”? Where’s my water pistol …


5 thoughts on “Pointless Ramble #1

  1. I totally agree Terri about the most irritating person having the loudest voice. Although my boss has buggered off for the day so i have our office to myself and am currently listening to Fever Pitch on audio book. I’ve had my job now for 5 years and to date I have had 1 appraisal. I’m supposed to have 1 every year, my manager just can’t be bothered, or he out of the office, one of the 2

  2. RYC appears to mean: Re, your comment. So I should probably visit YOUR blog and leave this message: RYC: RYC appears to mean: Re, your comment … I could go on, but I believe I’ve made my point!

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