If You Love Them Let Them Go?

I’m in a bit of a quandary at the moment … slowly dragging myself out, thanks to some firm assistance from a couple of friends.
This writing blog has been silent because I’ve been doing just that, writing, rather than talking about writing … I’ve probably said something like that before but that’s only because it’s true.

(Bothers me no end to visit writing sites and see people complaining they’ve no time to write, and then you look through the forum and the post times shout out loud and clear they’ve been bloody surfing all day!)

Thing is – I’ve finished what will hopefully be the last of several edits on my second book; The Dust Of Ancients and am well into my third – as yet untitled supernatural thriller. However, I find myself completely unable to let go of the characters in Dust.

I don’ t know if that’s because there’s more story to tell there, or if it’s just that I’ve been working with these characters for so long … I did the same thing to a lesser extent when I’d finished my first book The DarkFire Legacy. I made copious notes for a sequel, which are still here ready for me should I decide to pick them up at some point. That book is still with the publisher, and Dust has been submitted to an agent. I would love to start writing the sequel that’s bubbling around in my head for Dust, but how do I know it’s worth it when I don’t even know if the first book is going to be acceptable anywhere?

Trouble is, I feel I want to do it now, while it’s all still fresh in my head and while I can remember how it felt to be in that world with them. I think I’m talking myself into this sequel the longer I bang on here, which – I suppose – is the whole point of offloading to a blog rather than boring the pants off my friends … holding them with my glittering eye and all that!

The characters in book 3 (Declan Farrell and Lexie Dawson) will hopefully prove interesting but they just haven’t grabbed me yet. This is unusual and leads me to think that Richard and Laura still have more to go through before I can release them to their (probably) happy ever after. Hopefully Declan and Lexie are simply being good little characters, and patiently keeping their distance while I sort out the others.

What I hope this doesn’t mean, is that I’ve left too much unanswered in Dust. That wouldn’t be good. I’ve been assured it doesn’t mean that, but that there are definitely some possibilities that were hinted at that could bear uncovering and exploring a bit more … I choose to believe that version.

I know this is a very uncool entry because it doesn’t have any little asterisks leading to explanations at the end,* nor does it have snappy little two word sentences. Like this. Ah well. Oh look! There’s another.

Right, off to pay my respects elswhere in Blogger-land, haven’t done the rounds for quite some time, sorry about that.

*except this one.


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