Been a while …

Long time since I’ve posted here – things went a bit screwy for me last summer. If I have any readers left they’ll know what’s occurred so I’m not going to make a big issue (no thanks, have a nice day …) of it here.

One reason I’m here now is because this is supposed to be my writing blog, and because any day now I’m expecting/hoping to hear of the publication of the hardback issue of “Bound For Evil” which has a story I wrote in it: “The Truth Inside The Lie.” I’ve already been paid for this, but part of the payment is 2 copies of the book itself and I’m VERY much looking forward to that!

In other writing “news” — I’m working on what I hope will be the final-final edit of The Dust Of Ancients, working in some action to pace things up a bit, and bringing out the finer points of the lead male’s character without, I hope, making it too obvious. This book has been through so many incarnations it’s made me dizzy, but since I’ve already started on a sequel, with the idea of making it a trilogy eventually, I think its current format is the way it should stay now!

The main reason I came here though, is because I’m supposed to be adding a link to BeWrite books’s new blog, and thought I’d slap a quick entry up while I was here!

Hopefully I will have publication news soon!


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