A Quick Word Or Two. (‘zoom’ and ‘whoosh’)

Before I started writing Saturday’s Child I wrote another novel – in fact Saturday’s Child was number 3 – that I eventually called The Dust of Ancients. I always knew it was going to be very hard to place, being a somewhat blurred-genre piece. However, I enjoyed writing it very much, and I do believe it’s a decent piece of work. I even got halfway through the second in the planned trilogy (The Lynher Mill Chronicles) before I felt Saturday’s Child beginning to push her way through to the front of my mind, knocking harder and harder ’til I put Lynher Mill to one side and started paying attention. 


So, as a lot of people are doing these days I’ve been letting my thoughts turn to possibly self-publishing. 

Watch this space, my friends, when I’ve done a little tightening work on it I’m going to be asking if any of the arty-types among you might be able to come up with a cover. 

I’m actually quite excited about this now. What’s to lose, right?

In other news, I’ve updated my website with the first chapters of both Saturday’s Child and Penhaligon’s Attic. Outlines and more chapters to follow; please subscribe to this blog to be kept up to date. 


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