Oh fickle, fickle me …

Well then. I’ve now gone through The Dust of Ancients, after letting it languish in a drawer (metaphorically speaking) for a few years. I’m bound to report that I’m actually quite excited about how crap it isn’t, and how I’d done far more towards the sequels than I’d realised. 

Having been so ‘into’ Penhaligon’s Attic recently I wondered if I was now just bored and looking for another project, so I asked my trusty pendulum (pictured below.) I found it – or rather, I think it found me – in a little shop somewhere in middle America, when Tonya and I were searching for something else. No other pendulum since has reacted so strongly for me, and when it reads my deeper wishes and reports back that my subconscious would like to re-visit Bodmin Moor, the spriggans and the rather glorious Richard Lucas, who am I to argue?
So. Penhaligon’s Attic is going to be taking a little bit of a breather (the story is more or less sorted and the characters could do with a little bit of time to have a think about how they’re going to wow me.) I’m back in the fictional village of Lynher Mill for a while, and … yeah, I’m excited about it. 


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