Things Are Good.

Hello, hello! Thanks for joining me.

Things are going well in the writerly way of things. I’ve joined the Plymouth Writers Group – I’m still not sure about the punctuation on that; whether it’s a group OF Plymouth writers, or if it’s a group FOR Plymouth writers, ie, a Plymouth Writers’ Group. Either way, I’ve joined it, and the short story I posted here (Time Lapse) was fairly well-received when I read it out. I’d made a few small changes first, but it’s essentially the same story.

Secondly, I’ve just finished the final deep edit (I hope!) on The Lightning and the Blade – the second book in the Lynher Mill Chronicles. I’ve sent it to my wonderful beta-reader, and now I need to put it out of my head because …

ta-da …

I have a new, 2-book contract for Carina UK! Yep, I had the news of the offer a couple of weeks ago, but it was all finalised at the end of last week, and, all being well, Lady of No Man’s Land will be published in July of this year. I’m hoping they’ll also take Daughter of Dark River Farm when it’s done, and that they’ll link those two, as intended, to Maid of Oaklands Manor as a 3-book series.

The MS has been sent to their freelance editor, and then it’ll go back to Lucy at Carina, who will look it over and get in touch with revisions. I’m hoping I won’t have to explain all over again that it’s a sequel; it doesn’t rely absolutely on knowledge of Maid of Oaklands for the story to stand alone, but it makes a lot more sense if the readers are familiar with events and characters in that book. Lucy knows this, but I’m not sure about the editor. Next thing I have to do is complete bio information, plot summaries, acknowledgements, dedication and tagline.

Oh, and the good thing (the GREAT thing!) is that I also have an art brief to complete, where I can pass any ideas on, example photos, colour palette preferences etc … so hopefully this time I can avoid this kind of thing.

I’m also going to join the RNA (Romantic Novelists Association) and hope to go to one of the chapter meetings in Exeter at the beginning of April.

Nice to see that The Dust of Ancients has been riding at #2 in the Authonomy weekly top-rated books too. Most gratifying!

My local library has agreed to stock that one, and I’ve had an order from Gardners Books, too, who are a huge book ordering company. So add to that the copies I’ve sent to the Agency for Legal Deposit for the big 5 libraries, and the British Library, and copies in at least 3 Plymouth ones. I’ve left a copy at Waterstone’s in town, but they haven’t got back to me yet.

I’ve left 6 bagged copies in various places; Plymouth train station, Glasgow bus station (Mum took that one) and suchlike. I left the final one on London’s South Bank last weekend. Don’t let anyone try and tell me I’m not doing my best to get this flippin’ story out there!

Then there’s the release of The Lightning and the Blade in June to look forward to, still waiting on cover art for that, but I’m very excited about the book itself; I’ve actually enjoyed reading it, which sounds horribly big-headed, but I think there are some interesting characters in this one; one of them, in particular, my resident ‘baddie,’ has really grown on me, and shown me some things about himself that I found surprising; I’d wanted him to hate his brother, I kept writing scenes where I could show how much he hated him, but they always ended up showing, instead, that he has a deep love for him. He just doesn’t LIKE him. But it turns out he’d probably go to the wall for him. Huh. Who knew? I’ll have to wait for The Western War to find out if that turns out to be necessary, ‘cos clearly I have no idea!

Right, that’s me for now, turning my attention back to Daughter of Dark River Farm while I await revisions for Lady of No Man’s Land, so it’s back to immersing myself in WW1 reading for the duration.

I’m glad to have you with me on this little ride, please do feel free to comment here or on my Facebook link when I post it.


4 thoughts on “Things Are Good.

  1. It is all snowballing for you and so well deserved too. Years of hard slog are coming to fruition.
    I have dotted a couple of your flyers around hostels here in Sourh America and I can’t wait to read your next books

  2. Your hard work will come to fruition one day Terri, I have faith! I love and hate your characters, they all come to life for me so that a testament in itself. PS All geniuses are mad ha ha! PPS Is ‘writerly’ a word’? X

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