Lightning Strikes Twice


June 9th was quite a day in the writerly life of yours truly; first of all I discovered, by accident, that my new novel: A Rose in Flanders Fields (Carina UK) was already available for pre-order from Amazon. I was doubly, nay, triply (is that a word?!) delighted to see it’s also being categorised as Contemporary Fiction rather than just Romantic; although the disintegrating marriage of two lovely people is at the heart of it, it’s really not that romantic a book. I always refer to it as a “World War One Drama.” I wouldn’t like to be trying to sell it as a straight-up romance (can I say that, without it sounding more like erotica?!)  because it would raise complaints, I think, at the lack of that element. It’s a chunky read, at 117 thousand words, and that’s reflected in the price of just under £5, so I hope there’s some kind of promotion to drop that price for a while, at least. Just the cover to go, now, and fingers crossed for an avoidance of the Maid of Oaklands drama … watch this space!

(update: photo has arrived, and photo has subsequently been sent straight back! Background and font are okay, but the girl they’ve put in the foreground is clearly WW2 era, complete with naff eyebrows, caked-on make-up and silly uniform. Have sent pictures to Carina’s design dept and can only hope they take some notice.) 

The second bookish occurrence on June 9th, was the release of book two in The Lynher Mill Chronicles: The Lightning and the Blade. Finally! It feels as if I’ve been getting this one ready forever! But it’s out there, and the e-book is priced as low as I can get it and still make enough for a packet of biscuits every, say, 3 copies I sell. 

I’ve also dropped the price of The Dust of Ancients e-book, because this is the kind of series where book one stands alone, quite happily, and has a definite ending, but book two doesn’t waste time going over old ground. You really need to have read book one (less than £2!) to understand book two, but if you only read book one you’re not left waiting for any kind of resolution. 

However, at the end of book two … I really hope you’re going to want to read book three – if not, I’ve done something horribly wrong!

The Lynher Mill Chronicles on Amazon.

Terri Nixon’s Author Page on Amazon.


One thought on “Lightning Strikes Twice

  1. Good luck with the cover Terri. The frustration must be huge when somebody who us supposed to be onside gets its so wrong.
    I am really looking forward to reading The Lightning and the Blade too. God bless the Kindle.
    Good luck with both

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