Why I Don’t Blog

Hello there, people who have stumbled upon this page! I just thought I’d come here to address a question I get asked now and again, which is: Why don’t you blog more? And what better way to answer it, than with a rare blog post?!

The simple fact is, I don’t feel I have anything of real interest or value to say. I’m not saying that because I want a couple of comments that say; “Oh, of course we’re interested!” because some of you are my friends, and I might expect that (and if you haven’t, WHY haven’t you?!) But the truth is, I don’t feel qualified to offer insight, or help, or advice. Not yet. 

Let’s think about it: I enjoy the process of writing. That’s a given. I love to write and I’ve been told, by people with no axe to grind, that I do it well. I’ve finally learned to let go of the bit of me that screams, “But I’m no gooooood!” because I’m learning all the time, and I really think I’m improving. 

If, then, someone asks me to write a blog post on a particular topic, say, for instance, how to write convincing dialogue, or what are my top tips for keeping characters three-dimensional … or anything along those lines, I’ll happily write it. And maybe someone will read it, and maybe that person will take something from it. I’d certainly hope so. 

But what I haven’t yet learned to do, and I don’t know if I ever will, is to look at a piece of my own work and think; “Wow, that’s SO good, I must tell everyone how I did it!” I don’t feel qualified. And that’s a self-confidence thing, because after all, maybe I am qualified. But I’m new to the publishing world, if not the writing world, so to think anyone would take anything I have to say with anything more than a pinch of salt, seems an alien concept to me. I hope I learn to get past that, because I love helping people, and it’s still a thrill when I see someone whose CV/Personal Statement I’ve helped with, or whose business letter I’ve re-shaped, and they tell me it’s made all the difference. The urge to help is there, I promise you, but the confidence to push myself forward to offer that help without being asked, is not. 

Not yet.

Give it time. 

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