Book Three Has Landed!

Nothing earth-shattering or thought-provoking about this post, just a little update on the writerly side of things.

Yesterday I discovered, quite by chance, that Daughter of Dark River Farm the third (and final?) book in the Oaklands Manor series is now up for pre-order. There is no blurb on Amazon, as yet, and it doesn’t state that it’s part of the Oaklands series, so I was doubly astounded to see it bouncing around in the rankings at the 20K mark  this morning. I understand a little of the way the rankings system works, but it’s still baffling for the most part, and I’m fully expecting a plummet to the more realistic 100K range over the days to come.

To anyone who’s published in the more popular genres (Chick-Lit, Contemporary Romance etc) this is not a high ranking; those books sell in their thousands and regularly get ranked in the top 100, and often in the top 10 of their genre, but for an Historical Saga, it’s not bad at all after one day of pre-orders. And my meta data is all screwed up anyway. Oaklands doesn’t appear to be in any sub-categories at all, and for some odd reason Flanders has several times been ranked #1 in Historical, Middle-Eastern! Even when it was in the top 1000 it never showed up in Action/Adventure, or War, or anything that reflected the content, except Historical. It’s frustrating, but I’ve discovered it’s pointless trying to get it changed; Carina are aware of the mistake and nothing has happened yet. I just hope, when the full information goes through for Dark River, my sub-categories might include something of what the book’s about.

Anyway, the release date, according to Amazon, is January 21st 2015. Hooray!

There is no cover drama to report this time, I actually really love it. I just had to ask for a change of hair colour, otherwise it’s spot-on, and matches A Rose in Flanders Fields perfectly. This means I’m now going to have to e-mail Piatkus and ask them if it’s possible to update the cover art of Maid of Oaklands so it falls more into line with the other two … I have no idea if this is likely, or even possible, but as you can see from the images below, it would make all the difference.

              Oaklands    Flanders    Dark River

So, that’s it – I now have on sale: 5 full-length novels, 1 book of shorts, and have contributions in 5 anthologies. By the end of June 2015 I hope to have added to that total to the tune of 1 more novel, the final Lynher Mill Chronicles book.

Next project/s:

1. A contemporary thriller, set in Scotland. This might end up being self-published, but my agent and I are going to pitch it anyway and see what happens. It’s complete but needs some revision.

2. A new saga, tentatively titled Penhaligon’s Attic, and set in a Cornish fishing village circa 1910. Look out for cameo appearances by one or two familiar faces!

3. The aforementioned Lynher Mill Chronicles, book 3. Working title: The Unquiet Kingdom.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the very warmest of wishes for the coming holiday season, however you celebrate. Or not.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Visit my Amazon Author page here.

You can Pre-order Daughter of Dark River Farm here.


2 thoughts on “Book Three Has Landed!

  1. The level of your productivity astounds me. As does your ability to produce such consistent quality writing across different genres. Congratulations Terri and good luck with this latest book.

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