Don’t Be A Mug.

This is going on my blog so I have a public record of the interaction with this utter clown, who has once or twice come around to pull a few weeds (at an exorbitant sum, I might add, for the amount of work done.) RSI, and a degree of osteo-arthritis, have prevented me from doing this for myself recently.

This total weapon has occasionally contacted me to ask for money (for no reason) and to request an increase of the amount upon which we’d agreed. Since it was lockdown, I have done my best to accommodate, thinking perhaps I was doing a local bloke a favour. (Anyone who knows me knows how much I’ve struggled with money, so I understand desperation for essentials.) All I was doing, it turns out, is setting myself up as a mug. Transcript of chat follows, which proves that point quite nicely.

Lesson learned.

The ‘fun’ starts on May 9th, earlier comments are left, for context.

I’ve impressed myself by the length of time, and level of frustration, it took me to get sweary and sarky. Knowing myself as well as I do, I think I deserve public recognition for this!

Rowdy sent 28 March

Hi Terri hows your day going I was just wondering did you want the side done of garden for 15 pounds need get some money for electric sorry be pain could cut you little bit of grass out front aswell if helps

You sent 28 March

Sorry, but I can’t afford any more. And the landlord does the front grass regularly. Sorry I can’t help, but I’m struggling myself right now.

Rowdy sent 28 March

It’s okay could you possibly lend 2 pounds at all please Terri? If you could please can you transfer to bank would be really appreciated if you could thankyou

You sent 28 March

I‘m sorry, I struggled to find the extra fiver for you yesterday. Please don’t keep asking.

Rowdy sent 19 April

Hi would you like the garden done today can do the hedge aswell if needed and was you every looking at paint your fence at the back

You sent 19 April

No, thanks, I don’t get paid for a while. The fence belongs to next door, and the landlord does everything except the stony bit and the yard. I’ll give you a shout if / when I’m ready again, and see if you’re free, but cheers for getting in touch anyway.

25 Apr 2021, 11:58

Rowdy sent 25 April

Hi terri would you like the garden done de weeding

You sent 25 April

Not yet, thanks

Rowdy sent 25 April


9 May 2021, 17:39

Rowdy sent 9 May

Hi there terri I’m around this week would you like the back and side de weeded

You sent 9 May

Yes please. Will you do it for 30? It’s not too bad at the minute.

Rowdy sent 9 May

Yes no problem I can do it today if that’s okay as I’m really struggling for money or could you do what you done last time please transfer the money to my partners account and I will be there first thing in morning after school run please would be so much appreciated

Rowdy sent 9 May

You know I will turn up for the job aswell only live on montacute myself so not far terri could i send you the bank details to transfer the 30 pound if possible

You sent 9 May

Either way is fine by me, I’m working from home next week anyway. Send over the details and I’ll transfer it tonight either way.

Rowdy sent 9 May

Miss — sort code —- acc ——- thankyou ever so much really appreciate it could you do £40 please and I will do a spot on job and get a bottle of weed killer to go over afterwards aswell if that’s fine by you , can you let me know when you yhave done it please terri thanks once again

You sent 9 May

OK, it’s done. 40. You will need to bring a brush, as I don’t have one up to the job

Rowdy sent 9 May

Yeah I remember haha il bring a brush thankyou terri have to transferred the money yeah ?

You sent 9 May

Yes, as I said above.

Rowdy sent 9 May

Okay thankyou

10 May 2021, 09:27

You sent 10 May

Hi. Could you let me know what time you’ll be over, please?

Rowdy sent 10 May

Hi terri I will be over some time around 2pm if that’s okay with you was there anything else you needed doing at all

You sent 10 May

No, thanks. But you did say first thing after the school run

Rowdy sent 10 May

I know sorry had something come up ,

10 May 2021, 15:08

You sent 10 May

are you still coming today?

Rowdy sent 10 May

I’m just doing the school run then il be with you maybe in the morning but will be there to do the job 100 percent

You sent 10 May

Tomorrow’s not convenient I’m afraid. Can you do it today, since I’ve paid already?

Rowdy sent 10 May

I had something cone up this morning so I’ve been busy most the day I’m sorry for the inconvenience I will try get to you this evening

You sent 10 May

ok, thanks

10 May 2021, 21:32

You sent 10 May

How early tomorrow can you come over? I rearranged plans twice today, and it has to be first thing tomorrow as I can’t rearrange again.

10 May 2021, 22:48

Rowdy sent 10 May

Will be around 10am

11 May 2021, 10:38

You sent 11 May

I have plans, as I said, so please have the courtesy to let me know what’s going on? I told you today wasn’t convenient, and that it had to be early today. I feel you’re taking me for a mug because I was good enough to pay you up front. Please confirm you’re not going to mess me about any further.

11 May 2021, 11:03

You sent 11 May

My plans do not involve going out, but I will not be able to answer the door to you.

Rowdy sent 11 May

That’s fine I can just get on with the work

You sent 11 May

When will it be?

Rowdy sent 11 May

I’m not going to mess you around terri I’m just trying to sort few things out I van come and do the work without interrupting you no problem will be in a hour or so will co e to do the job

You sent 11 May

Okay. If it’s going to be any later though, could you let me know this time? It’s only polite.

Rowdy sent 11 May

Yes course I can

You sent 11 May

11 May 2021, 20:31

You sent 11 May

Been waiting all day for an update as promised. You said you wouldn’t mess me about but that’s exactly what you’re doing. Pretty shoddy behaviour, to be honest. It only takes a few seconds to send a DM.

Rowdy sent 11 May

So sorry had alot going on my daughter ain’t well been up hospital I will get to you I promise

You sent 11 May

Sorry to hear about your daughter. You can understand my frustration I hope, when I hear nothing and have no idea whether I’ve thrown away money I can’t afford.

13 May 2021, 08:50

You sent 13 May

Hi. I hope your daughter is okay. I’ve waited, out of respect and courtesy, but now I feel I should ask for a refund if you can’t give even keep me updated with a day and time when I can expect the work to be done. So could you do that please, at least?

13 May 2021, 14:35

Rowdy sent 13 May

I will be you on the weekend due to weather being horrible I will get the job done I’m sorry for letting you down

You sent 13 May

It’s okay, all I wanted was some communication. The weekend will be fine thanks.

Rowdy sent 13 May

No problem see you then

18 May 2021, 12:40

Rowdy sent 18 May at 12:40

Soon as weather clears will be down to do the garden for sorry for the inconvenience

You sent 18 May at 12:46

OK. I appreciate it’s tough finding a dry half hour at the moment! So unpredictable.

19 May 2021, 13:00

You sent 19 May at 13:00

apparently weather is going to be bad again from tomorrow. If you come over I won’t be able to answer the door to you as I’m working from home

19 May 2021, 16:12

Rowdy sent 19 May at 16:12

Yeah that’s no problem il will see you tomorrow or maybe Friday

You sent 19 May at 16:13

ok, but you’ll probably have missed the decent weather window by the end of today.

Rowdy sent 19 May at 16:14


22 May 2021, 11:43

You sent 22 May at 11:43

Any chance of today, before it rains again?

Rowdy sent 22 May at 11:57

I’m working today can do it tomoz

You sent 22 May at 11:58


26 May 2021, 11:19

You sent 26 May at 11:19

Weather is currently clear. When can I expect this work to be done?

27 May 2021, 09:22

You sent 27 May at 09:22

Another good day – I really this to be done now, so if you can’t do it I’m going to have to start asking for a return of my money so I can get someone else to do it. The longer it’s left, the more of a job it’s becoming with all this rain and sun.

Rowdy sent 27 May at 09:32

Il be round later today day off work so can get round to do it

You sent 27 May at 09:32

Thank you. I’m working from home, so won’t be able to come to the door, as before.

27 May 2021, 15:51

Rowdy sent 27 May at 15:51

It’s okay no worries

27 May 2021, 18:34

You sent 27 May at 18:34

What time will you be over?

Rowdy sent 27 May at 18:36

Hour maybe morning 9am

28 May 2021, 09:50

You sent 28 May at 09:50


28 May 2021, 11:09

You sent 28 May at 11:09

I don’t want this dragging into another weekend – it’s nearly 3 weeks since I paid you. I’m not well off, I can’t afford to throw my money away.

28 May 2021, 11:36

Rowdy sent 28 May at 11:36

I will be round to do it monday if not will give you the 40 pound back I’m tied up working at the moment been called into work on my day off

31 May 2021, 09:24

You sent 31 May at 09:24

Good morning. Will you be around today, or will you transfer the money back into my account? (or put it through my door, I’m not bothered which.) It will be light until around 10 (again) and it’s an hour’s work at most, so I hope you can fit it in.

31 May 2021, 12:43

Rowdy sent 31 May at 12:43

31 May 2021, 16:12

You sent 31 May at 16:12

That doesn’t tell me what your intention is, and you put it 3 1/2 hours ago – please let me know.

31 May 2021, 21:02

You sent 31 May at 21:02

OK. I’ll expect a refund then. Contact me tomorrow, to let me know how my money will be paid back by weds latest. Perhaps you haven’t seen my messages today? No problem, I’ll post to you in public on the Honicknowle page, just in case.

1 Jun 2021, 20:13

You sent 1 June at 20:13

I’m still waiting. I’d like the money back tomorrow please, I have this whole conversation thread ready to share in case anyone thinks I’m being unreasonable. I have been patience itself, and you have taken me for a soft touch and a fool. I do not appreciate that, but at least you’ve taught me a valuable lesson in trust, and human nature.

1 Jun 2021, 20:45

Rowdy sent 1 June at 20:45

I’m sorry I dont have time to reply straight away to your messages but it’s called working and hhavent got time when in a kitchen working I will refund you the money tomorrow not a problem ..

You sent 1 June at 20:49

I understand working, I have 3 jobs. You were always quick enough to respond if you needed money, or wanted to increase the agreed payment, and I have given you at least a day before chasing.

Rowdy sent 1 June at 20:49

Yeah it’s fine will message when on way

You sent 1 June at 20:51

Thank you.

2 Jun 2021, 19:01

You sent 2 June at 19:01

In case you find it easier: acct no: —– sort code: —–. T. Nixon I’m at work all week.

4 Jun 2021, 12:28

You sent 4 June at 12:28

Again, out of courtesy I have left it a couple of days – but until I get the refund from you I can’t afford to ask anyone else to do this work. I don’t know if you think I’m made of money, but I’m struggling as much as anyone. So I’m going to ask again, please refund the money by the end of today, or do the job today for which I paid you almost a month ago. Many thanks.

5 Jun 2021, 13:18

You sent 5 June at 13:18

I’m going public with this if I don’t hear from you by the end of today – you seem to think that because I was good enough to pay you in advance, I must be rolling in it. If you’d prefer to do the work, just come and do it, no hard feelings. But if you keep messing me about I’m going to have to think very hard about what to do next.

Rowdy sent 5 June at 13:20

Yes that’s understandable I have tuesday off next I cant do much when I’m working early hours till late in evening I’m a chef so long hours I will be there tuesday without fail nd if I dont public it the convo I dont mind I didnt mean for this ti happen I’m sorry for the inconvenience tuesday 100 percent okay

You sent 5 June at 13:27

I don’t want to wreck any chance of work you might want with someone else, which is why I haven’t gone public already. I’m just getting so frustrated and upset with it all. It’s a mess there now, and my landlord is giving me grief over it. Tuesday will be okay, but PLEASE don’t let me down again. Weather looks good that day.

Tues 11:35

You sent 8 June at 11:35

What time today, please?

Tues 12:53

Rowdy sent 8 June at 12:53

4 maybe 5

You sent 8 June at 12:54

ok, cheers

Tues 19:18

You sent 8 June at 19:18

Wow. Give you an inch, you really take a mile and keep running, don’t you? You must be laughing your socks off at how pathetic I am to keep giving you chances. You’d be surprised how wrong you arre though. If you aren’t here in an hour I’d better see that money in my account tomorrow morning.

Tues 19:51

Rowdy sent 8 June at 19:51

The money will be in your account tomorrow I’ve had stuff to deal with and havent had time to reply sorry il forget the job and just pay you back as cant do right

You sent 8 June at 20:04


Tues 21:53

You sent 8 June at 21:53

Just remember YOU came to ME for this work, and begged me to pay you up front. I’m fucking livid. If you’d been truthful from the start I could have paid someone reliable, but a month of you pissing me about has turned the place into a right mess.I’ll be checking my account first thing.

Wed 11:17

You sent 9 June at 11:17

Just checked my account. Imagine my surprise… 🙄

Rowdy sent 9 June at 11:18

Send me details will do it soon as I’m home

You sent 9 June at 11:18

They’re further up the chat

You sent 9 June at 11:19

In case you find it easier: acct no: —- sort code:—— T. Nixon

Rowdy sent 9 June at 11:19

Okay think I delete the message

You sent 9 June at 11:19


Rowdy sent 9 June at 11:19

Thurs 10:40

You sent 10 June at 10:40

Still waiting. Please pay, so we can forget each other exists.

Thurs 12:46

Rowdy sent 10 June at 12:46

Yes we will I get paid tomorrow so no problem

Fri 18:17

You sent Yesterday at 18:17

Waiting… and broke


You sent Today at 08:47

Still waiting. I’m just going to keep bugging you until you either pay up, or I take this to small claims (and get you to pay the costs for that, too) I know you’ve seen my previous message.


You sent Today at 14:27

If this is pissing you off, you know what to do.


Rowdy sent Today at 14:51

Yes pay you when I have a day off as havent got online banking and dont get home till 1pm every night

You sent Today at 14:52

Give me a day and time then, and I’ll stop bugging you.

Rowdy sent Today at 14:56

Friday 2pn

You sent Today at 15:00

Fuck’s sake. Another week? I should be charging you interest on this. Right, if I don’t get it by then I’m taking this further.

As it was paid into your girlfriend’s account, why not repay it the same way? Meantime this is going on my blog so I have a public record of it for when it goes to court.

12 Jun 2021, 16:01

You sent 12 June at 16:01

15 Jun 2021, 07:45

You sent 15 June at 07:45

I’m going to try to recover the money from my bank, using this conversation as evidence you have not provided the service for which you’ve been paid.

Rowdy sent 15 June at 07:45

I know I said I’d stop bugging you, but…. something’s come up and I can’t do that after all.

I’ll stop bugging you tomorrow at 11 am. Promise. (?)

You sent 15 June at 07:45

You sent 15 June at 07:46

Or maybe Friday.

Wed 17:50

You sent 16 June at 17:50

Your mid-week reminder…

Rowdy sent 16 June at 17:52

Yes i know thankyou 40 friday

Fri 15:18

You sent 18 June at 15:18

It’s 3:20… still waiting.

Sat 06:56

You sent 19 June at 06:56


Sat 11:07

You sent 19 June at 11:07


Sat 11:53

You sent 19 June at 11:53


Sat 18:41

You sent 19 June at 18:41


Rowdy sent 19 June at 18:42

Be round to do the eork tomorrow or woukd you rather like the money

You sent 19 June at 18:52

The money!!! I messed up my shoulder doing it myself, as it was turning into a jungle and I couldn’t afford to get someone else to do it. I told you that!

Rowdy sent 19 June at 18:53

Okay no problem sorry

You sent 19 June at 18:54

Thank you

Sun 07:51

You sent 20 June at 07:51


Sun 08:19

You sent 20 June at 08:19

I posted the link to my blog on my profile — people are coming up with some interesting names for you! I expect Twitter will be even more fun. And then there’s Rogue Traders. I’m talking to the bank tomorrow, so you’ve got until 6pm today. Either through the door, or into my account – use your girlfriend’s account if you have to, since that’s the one I paid into.

Mon 08:22

You sent Yesterday at 08:22


Mon 11:10

You sent Yesterday at 11:10


Mon 16:02

You sent Yesterday at 16:02



4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, for fox sake! I think, maybe,, I could have walked from Michigan to the US East Coast, bought a row boat, rowed across, and gotten the garden job done in less time…. BUT, if a storm in the Atlantic kept me from making landfall, you wouldn’t be getting money back from me, either (well, to be honest, I wouldn’t be stalling on returning any money to you, because I wouldn’t have asked for payment in advance for garden/landscape maintenance work in the first place)… I can feel your frustration — and I hope blogging about it has been a salve to your emotional wounds! Best of luck in a final resolution…

  2. My goodness! Can your landlord come down on him heavy for you, too? What a crook!! I hope you get your money back 😦

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