Weather/News. And some happy-dancing.

It’s a sunny Saturday in my home town of Plymouth… wait, no, it’s raining. Wait. Sun’s out again… should I put the washing out? What if… Oh, who cares? I HAVE NEWS!    type

Yes, news from the sofa/office, and it’s GOOD news. You might recall a little post I made some time ago, called I’m No Hypocrite, But…  (in essence, it’s a bit of a foot-stamping post about how no-one will take me seriously in my home town as I’ve only had 3 books published, and in digital format so they don’t count. Also in the not-counting category are my self-published paperbacks. They must be rubbish, right?) 

Well, earlier this month Piatkus, the Little, Brown imprint who published my debut novel, Maid of Oaklands Manor, announced to the world that they are sending the book to print! PRINT, dammit! On paper (one assumes) and even in bookshops – Waterstones and Smiths have been mentioned – but even if that part of it falls through, it will be available to buy, and you’ll have to check the delivery options on this one!

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I know I already have two paperbacks out, and a third about to launch. But those are my self-published ones, and it’s a whole different kind of a thrill. When I look at my Lynher Mill books I feel all this immense love for them, for the characters, the world I’ve helped them build (or they’ve helped me build) and the gorgeous, solid reality of them is a feeling unlike any other. (So, just because I can, I’m going to post the covers here, with further thanks to the magical combination of cover designer Jeanine Henning, and artist Sean Ryan, who between them took my rather dull photographs, of Cornish tin mines on a non-descript kind of a day, and turned them into the beauties you see here.)




This blog isn’t about the selling, so these are not links, simply images.     However, if you’re interested in reading more about this Cornish Mythic Fiction series, please visit my website where you’ll find a few more details, and information on how to buy, or download a free sample.                           

But now onto Maid of Oaklands Manor. This one is also very, very special to me, and that’s mostly because it was inspired by the stories told to me by my late maternal grandmother Mary Nixon, nee Deegan (whose name you might recognise if you’ve read the book.) The story is not hers, although some of the events within it are true, but all the way through I had her in my head, talking to me in her slight, lilting Liverpudlian accent. I dedicated the book to her.

The difference between my self-published paperbacks being available, and the decision to send this one to print, is that this time someone else has decided it’s worth the financial cost – the book will print at over 430 pages – and that it’s fit to sit on the shelves alongside some of the greatest names in the world of books.

Piatkus have designed a gorgeous new cover for it, to tie it in with the second and third books in the series, and so, with a grin of utter delight, I give you the final, the perfect, Lizzy Parker:

Oaklands Paperback

“This blog isn’t about the selling,” she says! Well of course I’m going to have to leave a link to the pre-order page for this paperback, aren’t I? But the bonus of having had it available as an e-book for two years already, is that you can check out the reviews, and even view a free sample, before you decide whether you think it’s worth ordering the paperback. 

‘Look Inside’ the e-book here.

Pre-order the paperback here.

Thank you for reading, and, as always, please feel free to comment here or on the shared post on my Facebook  page. 


7 thoughts on “Weather/News. And some happy-dancing.

    • Thank you, Sue! I used to do that with CDs all the time, and when Oaklands came out in e-book I went into Smiths and set it up on all the Kobo devices I could find connected to the internet! lol!

  1. Congratulations Terri. I am so pleased for you and proud of you. And the new cover is so much better too.
    And who says that self-published books don’t count? I suspect people who still have a half-written novel sitting in their drawer

    • Thanks, Jane. I keep hoping the growth in the self-publishing market will help to sway things, but sadly it seems to be having the opposite effect – people look on it with even more suspicion nowadays as it’s perceived to be the ‘easy option,’ since so many are doing it. Perhaps one day it’ll balance out!

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